Mr. T
Michael Jackson
San Diego Chicken
Muhammad Ali
Where's the Beef?
R. Crumb
Jack LaLanne
Bionic Man
Mario Andretti
Reggie Bar
Pete Rose
Mike Mussina
The Melo Bar
Dick Tracy Candy Bar
Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

On this wrapper, John Rambo has come to chew bubblegum and kick ass. There are so many great elements here... the way that the pack itself looks like it's gone to hell and back, the crudely-defined, pre-Photoshop fire spraying out of the gun, the concept of gum as little bits of shrapnel, and the fact that it is "art flavor". On another amusing note, if you Google "Rambo gum", it will ask you, "Did you mean Rambo gun?"

CWM guest, Alex Urso III, was cleaning out his bathroom cabinet of childhood treasures from the 80s and very kindly donated this great wrapper to the museum. Thanks, Alex! It's much appreciated.