Pet Rabbit
Nice Mice
Cinnamon Teddy Bears
Botan Rice Candy
La Hormiga Y La Cigarra
Gummi Bear Gallery
Rubber Chicken Pop
Snake Pop
Cat's Tongues
Gummi Penguins
Harvey's Gum
Morinaga Bird
Morinaga Mickey Mouse
California Beaver
Li'l Critters
Lion Bar
"Cheeky" the Chipmunk
McVitie's Penguin
White Rabbit
Squirrel Nut Zippers

Thought I'd start this gallery on a tragic note. Poor bunny, smothered in a cellophane bag. It's mummified over the decades (yes, that's really old chocolate), but I kept it in the bag because it looked bad even when it was new. But don't worry, animal lovers -- the rest of the gallery will be more cheerful! Stay tuned for more.