Mr. T
Michael Jackson
San Diego Chicken
Muhammad Ali
Where's the Beef?
R. Crumb
Jack LaLanne
Bionic Man
Mario Andretti
Reggie Bar
Pete Rose
Mike Mussina
The Melo Bar
Dick Tracy Candy Bar
Ruth's Home Run Bar
1982 Milwaukee Brewer Bar

I'm afraid that I'm one of the fools who didn't run out and buy the $5.00 gold-colored chain for only $1.95, and boy, have I lived to regret it!

However, for every loss there is gain, proven here by a vintage autographed photo of Mr. T whooping it up, candy-style, with a group of kids. This is SHEER AWESOMENESS! Click here to see it!

And don't forget to click here to see the back of the gum wrapper. I pity the fool who doesn't click on this!