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I believe they still sell these -- and they've been around forever -- but I ask you: who eats 'em? The candy is missing here, but for those of you who don't know, the Chick-O-Stik itself is a long, crunchy bar designed to look like a distended fried chicken finger. If I recall correctly, the center of the bar is a crunchy toffee, sort of like a Butterfinger.

ATTENTION! CHICK-O-STICK REBUTTAL!!!: CWM visitor Tanya Warner Rogers wrote me the following:

Just wanted you to know that there are still Chick-O-Stick eaters in the world. My sister and I both still eat them. So does our cousins. We go through our little phases where we may even go to the Warehouse stores (Sam's, Costco, etc) and by them by the box to put in candy dishes.(Of course they are the mini versions of the full stick). Nothing is like the full stick that crumbles when you bite it and you have to put your hand under your chin to catch the pieces. (smile). They even sell them in king size now. ...Just as an FYI, the wrapper hasn't changed.

So there ya have it... the Chick-O-Stick lives and is doing well!