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When you think "Heide," you think either "Huh...?" or "Jujyfruits." Despite the way they stick to your teeth and/or become unredeemably hard and stale, I've eaten a lot of these. For reasons I cannot fathom, I've noticed that they fairly recently changed the green ones from mint to lime. The mint ones were my favorites -- the green and black ones added nice variety to the semi-monotony of the fruit flavors -- but noooooo... they had to add yet another fruit flavor to the mix. Sigh... why does everything good eventually go away?

But on a more chipper note, back when Jujyfruits were good, they also had some pretty fun things to send away for, as you can see by the tantalizing tease on this box. Viva the 70s and leather belts! Check out the Promos section to see more.