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Look -- another product with vaguely racist overtones from the 70s that hadn't yet fallen to the relentess blade of politically-correct marketing. I don't know if you can really call it "racist", as the company was just riffing off the famous Charlie Chan character, much like what they had done with "Alexander the Grape" and "Johnny Apple Treats". I guess they didn't dare do "Jack Lemonhead" or "Lucille Atomic Fireball".

On a related note, check out this amazing box of Candy Crafters' "Coolies" that museum guest Debby Wapner scanned for me. I don't normally post scans, but I thought this box was great. Debby says the copyright date is 1943. Definitely not a banner year for political correctness, especially when it came to Asians. Thank you so much for sending it in, Debby! Debby is also a kindred soul to me because she also mourns the loss of Pic 'n Save and finds Big Lots! to be an inadequate replacement. It's so true. Among its many fine points, Pic 'n Save was a great place to find candy that never quite made it in the commercial world.