The Candy Wrapper Museum makes its TV debut.


Build a Web site, and they will come... One day in fall, I received an e-mail from John, a coordinating producer from the popular Food Network show, "Unwrapped." He was inquiring about the CWM -- "Was it an actual physical thing, or was it just virtual?" "If it's just virtual, could you set something up for a shoot?" My answer was that indeed the museum was essentially virtual... a collection of wrappers in carboard boxes... but still, I could potentially set up a display.

What followed next was a tornado of activity... sorting through all the wrappers and picking out the best items, rearranging the furniture in the living room to create a mini-museum, borrowing odds and ends from neighbors, engaging in a major vacuuming campaign, and running back and forth to the hardware store and the art supply store to buy colored paper, colorful clips, poster board, "artistic" masking tape, and so on, all for the purpose of displaying the isty-bitsy items. ...And then, of course, I had to set it all up, which was no small feat in itself.

The result is what you see on this page. Of course, Web pictures can't do this subject matter justice because it's all so tiny to begin with, but you should get a good look at it if you watch the "collectors" episode.

The delighful duo of Molly and Kirk spent the day asking questions and shooting the wrappers in slavish detail. It was a lot of fun. They were really nice people and very professional. We covered all kinds of topics.

I didn't know what exactly would hit the cutting room floor, but they finally aired the episode on April 26, 2004. Of course I'm biased, but I thought it came out great! They really captured the spirit of the musuem, showing all the wackiest wrappers along with some of the best classics. They also showed a number of great items that I just haven't had time to post on the site, i.e. the videogame gallery and the "nerd" gallery. I really need to get those items posted on the site, but my workload of late has been insane. I've also acquired a number of really fun new items, and I swear I'll add them to the site one of these days. In the meantime, they tend to re-run those "Unwrapped" episodes, so if you get the chance, check out the show!