The Candy Wrapper Museum is featured in SWINDLE, the definitive popular culture and lifestyle publication. More than just reporting on culture, SWINDLE is dedicated to influencing culture through content unlike anything else on newsstands.


Recently I was contacted by the very cool SWINDLE Magazine. We engaged in a virtual interview via e-mail, which was a lot of fun. The resulting article is featured in Issue 10, which quickly sold out. The article is brief, but covers a range of topics, including the history of the CWM, some of the most interesting wrappers in the collection, and how I found love through the museum. Click here to read the full interview. The photo you see above is one that I had taken for the article. I've displayed many of my favorite wrappers in it. This display is but a very small portion of my entire collection, as is the selection you currently see on the website. I plan to slowly but steadily add a lot of items to the site this coming year, so stay tuned for more good stuff.